“A connoisseur of creativity, whether it be quilting or graphic design. I have so much to tell about the books that I read and so much to show with the threads that I weave.”

So that right there is what happens when you ask your husband to write your About page. And I’m pretty sure that he’s full of it! Ha!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Jess K. I’m primarily a quilter, but I also dabble in the world of loom knitting when I feel like a change of pace.

I was bit by the quilting bug about five years ago now. Having been an art student in college, I missed working with my hands and creating actual, tangible things after I graduated. I had grown up watching my mom quilt my entire life, and so I thought, “Hey! Quilting! I can totally do that!” After many tearful phone calls home (it wasn’t as easy as I thought), I now consider myself an intermediate level quilter. I just love cutting things up just to sew them back together!

When I’m not behind my machine, I’m a graphic designer at a local university (which also happens to be my alma mater). I’m a proud rescue mom to a small Maltipoo named Jenny, and you can also find me Instagramming about my life as a teacher’s wife. I’m an avid reader! You can follow along with my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge using the hashtag #JKReads2016.

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